WARLORD - Deliver Us  LPMORBID SAINT - Spectrum of Death  LPINTRANCED - Muerte y Metal  CDINTRANCED - Muerte y Metal  LPTYRANT - Running Hot  LP
TYRANT - Ruling the World  LPTYRANT - Fight for Your Life  LPTYRANT - Mean Machine  LPCLOVEN HOOF - The Opening Ritual  LPTANKARD - Alcoholic Metal  CD
TANKARD - Alcoholic Metal  DLPCLOVEN HOOF - Heathen Cross  CDCLOVEN HOOF - Heathen Cross  LPWARLORD - Free Spirit Soar  CDWARLORD - Free Spirit Soar  LP
SCALD - Ancient Doom Metal  CDSCALD - Ancient Doom Metal  LPWARLORD -  Lost and Lonely Days / Aliens  SHAPEWARLORD - And the Cannons of Destruction Have Begun ... LPHELLBRINGER - Awakened from the Abyss  LP
HELLBRINGER - Dominion of Darkness  LPSLAUGHTER MESSIAH - Exorcized to None  MCDSLAUGHTER MESSIAH - Exorcized to None  MLPIRONFLAME - Kingdom Torn Asunder  CDIRONFLAME - Kingdom Torn Asunder  LP