EXUMER - Possessed by Fire  PICTURE LP
EXUMER - Possessed by Fire  PICTURE LP
EXUMER - Possessed by Fire  PICTURE LP
EXUMER - Possessed by Fire  PICTURE LP
EXUMER - Possessed by Fire  PICTURE LP
EXUMER - Possessed by Fire PICTURE LP

HRR 296PLP, ltd 500, insert, poster

Mem von Stein - Vocals, Bass
Bernie - Guitars
Ray Mensh - Guitars
Syke Bornetto - Drums

-Possessed by Fire
-Destructive Solution
-Fallen Saint
-A Mortal in Black
-Sorrows of the Judgement
-Xiron Darkstar
-Reign of Sadness
-Journey to Oblivion
-Silent Death

Remastered by Patrick W. Engel at TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY, November 2012.


Remember what you did in 1986? If you were among the chosen few, you got yourself a vinyl copy of Exumer’s stunning debut “Possessed By Fire”. If not… well, we have good news for those who had been 1.) not yet born 2.) simply too unaware: High Roller Records are helping you to make up for this epic failure! Singer Mem von Stein explains the reasons for the re-release of the band’s debut:
“Our main objective was to give our fans the opportunity to purchase ‘Possessed By Fire’ on vinyl, knowing that High Roller Records are going to release the best possible version of our debut album in regards to quality and love for the detail.”
“Possessed By Fire” was re-mastered by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony – a good choice in Mem’s eyes: “I trust the people behind High Roller Records and I have been a fan of their releases long before our deal concerning the re-release of ‘Possessed By Fire’ came into being.” The additional bonus 7’’ which comes with the album is something Mem is completely excited about: ”For the very first time, our first demo ‘A Mortal in Black’ will be released on vinyl, and it is definitely the thing that will set this re-release apart from any other releases of ‘Possessed By Fire’ out there. You should know that I am a vinyl collector, and that this matter is very close to my heart.”
After having been vanished from the scene for about twenty years, the re-release is only one of many signs showing that Exumer are still alive and kicking. So how does it feel to be back again? “It’s unbelievable to still feel like a relevant band after all these years and given the huge hiatus in between releasing albums. We are very fortunate to have the fans we have and to have their loyal support, which now spans multiple generations. It’s amazing to see people our age coming to our shows and bringing their teenage kids with them, standing there right next to people in their twenties or thirties. It’s quite an honour, and it feels great to have an impact on so many different people’s lives.” One might think that it could not have been too easy to tie up to what this band started almost 30 years ago, but Mem denies: “It was not more or less difficult than anything else in life is, once you know what you want to accomplish, and if you are determined to reach that goal.”
General opinion has it that Exumer were somewhat buried under the immense popularity of Destruction, Sodom, and Kreator, although Exumer still retain a respectable cult following to this day. Now how does Mem remember 1986, the year when all those legendary German thrash albums came out? “It was an incredible time, and I feel privileged to have been a part of this era. We were always different from those bands, and we still remain different to this day. I am happy for all the German thrash bands that are still active today, and I can only wish the best success for the three you have mentioned. We got what we deserved in regard to popularity, and I never felt that we ever were ‘less than’” Therefore Mem does not at all regret to have chosen the year 1986 for the first release of “Possessed By Fire”: “Everything happens for a reason. This is not meant to sound too much like a cliché, but this is how it happened, and there is no reason for us to look back. Ray and I founded the band in 1985, and we released our first album in 1986, that makes total sense to me…” Moreover, Mem doesn’t feel like the band’s debut did not get enough of the attention it deserved: “You have to remember that we sold roughly 10.000 copies shortly after ‘Possessed By Fire’ was released, and it went on to sell a whole lot more than that worldwide. So I think we did well enough. The only thing that makes me wonder is this: What would have happened if we had not split up?”
Exumer already played some shows in the past couple of years, both in the States, headlining the Thrasho de Mayo festival in Los Angeles, and in Europe, where the ”European Ignition Tour Part I&II” took them to Norway’s Inferno Festival and many other places in the old world. It will of course be possible to see Exumer playing live again in the future: “Yes, look out for a few European dates in March, 2013 and then check us out on some of the summer festivals and our European tour in fall.” So be aware: once back from the dead, Exumer are here to stay: “We will not disappear from the scene again, we promise!”

Ulrike Schmitz