S.A. SLAYER - Prepare to Die  MLP
S.A. SLAYER - Prepare to Die  MLP
S.A. SLAYER - Prepare to Die  MLP
S.A. SLAYER - Prepare to Die  MLP
S.A. SLAYER - Prepare to Die  MLP
S.A. SLAYER - Prepare to Die MLP

HRR 438, ltd 500, 300 x transparent purple + 200 x black vinyl, 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, insert, 2nd pressing: ltd 500, 200 x black vinyl + 300 x silver/ black splatter vinyl, insert

Steve Cooper (R.I.P. 2006) - Vocals
Dave McClain - Drums
Don Van Stavern - Bass
Art Villareal - Guitars
Bob Catlin - Guitars

-The Door
-Prepare to Die
-Final Holocaust
-Unholy Book
-To Ride the Demon Out

1st+2nd pressing: SOLD OUT!

specially mastered for vinyl by Patrick W. Engel/ Temple of Disharmony

When guitarists Robert Catlin and Art Villarreal, bassist Don Van Stavern (later of Riot V fame), drummer Dave McClain and vocalist Chris Cronk formed their band Slayer in San Antonio in 1981, they quickly became one of the biggest draws of the critically acclaimed Texas metal scene. Cronk was soon replaced by Steve Cooper. With this line-up they recorded the songs “The Door”, “Prepare To Die”, “Final Holocaust”, “Unholy Book” and “To Ride The Demons Our” for a proposed EP, which was named »Prepare To Die« and originally came out on the obscure local Rainforest Records label in 1983. The material was produced and engineered by Bob O’Neill and Rick Shrieves at B.O.S.S. studios.

With the EP under their belts, San Antonio’s Slayer continued to gig locally making a name for themselves as one of the premier progressive power metal bands in North America. However, in order to avoid confusion with their namesakes from California (signed to Metal Blade Records), the band had to officially change their name to S.A. Slayer (short for San Antonio Slayer).

On November 30th 1984, S.A. Slayer shared a bill with California Slayer at San Antonio’s infamous Villa Fontana venue.

Guitarist Art Villarreal left S.A. Slayer to form his own band Karion. He was replaced by none other than Ron Jarzombek (who went on join Texas Prog Metal legends Watchtower a short while later). Once again under the watchful eyes of Bob O’Neill and Rick Shrieves Texas’ Slayer recorded material for their first full-length album. The record was supposed to come out on Rainforest Records, just like the EP, but before it could be released, the label folded.

It took four long years until the Los Angeles based Unter den Linden Records label bought the rights and issued the album. It finally came out in 1988 under the name of »Go For The Throat« but by this time S.A. Slayer had already broken up.

The CD edition contains all the tracks of »Prepare To Die« and »Go For The Throat« on one disc.