VIKING - Do or Die  LP
VIKING - Do or Die  LP
VIKING - Do or Die  LP
VIKING - Do or Die  LP
VIKING - Do or Die  LP
VIKING - Do or Die  LP
VIKING - Do or Die LP

HRR 792LP , ltd 500, 150 x black, 150 x transparent orange + 200 x bone vinyl, 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, insert, poster, 2nd pressing: ltd 500, 200 x black + 300 x white/ mustard mixed w/ orange splatter vinyl, insert, poster

Brett Eriksen - Lead Guitars
Ron Eriksen - Vocals, Lead Guitars
Matt Jordan - Drums
James Lareau - Bass

01 Warlord
02 Hellbound
03 Militia of Death
04 Prelude/ Scavenger
05 Valhalla
06 Burning from Within
07 Berserker
08 Killer Unleashed
09 Do or Die

1st pressing: last copies
2nd pressing: AVAILABLE

Mastered by Patrick W. Engel at TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY

Taking advantage of their Danish heritage and grabbing the Viking moniker, the story of the Eriksen brothers Ron (vocals, guitar) and Brett (guitar) is a unique one. Jamming in high school together with James Lareau on bass and Matt Jordan on drums they had generated a nucleus for the first incarnation of Viking.

Viking's first mark on the Metal scene was a self-made demo entitled “Do or die”, which included the three songs “Do or die”, “Hellbound” and “Prelude/Scavenger”. It captured the attention of Metal Blade Records in the US who released “Hellbound” on their “Metal Massacre VII” compilation. An album deal for the US (Metal Blade) and Europe (Roadrunner) followed in 1988.

The sleepy suburbs of Orange County were once renowned for many US Hardcore bands. It's the birthplace of legendary acts such as True Sound Of Liberty (TSOL), The Adolescents, Agent Orange and Social Distortion. A few years later Metallica and Slayer started their world-wide conquests in garages of the same area.

Viking's vicious Thrash Metal attacks such as “Warlord”, “Militia of Death” or “Killer unleashed” owe a lot to early Bay Area bands like Slayer, Metallica or Exodus. With their debut album “Do or die“ Viking immediately made a mark on the Southern Californian club scene of the late 1980's.

Ron Eriksen did not make any compromises: “Brett and I are basic red-haired speed maniacs. Either you win or you lose. Our kind of Metal music fully expresses our feelings!”

Long out of print, High Roller Records is proud to make “Do or die“ (with its great original cover artwork) available again to a broader public on glorious vinyl.

Matthias Mader