HRR 868, ltd 750, 250 x black, 300 x golden, 200 x grey vinyl, poster, A5 photo card, 425gsm heavy cardboard cover w/ 5mm spine

(Dirty Water Sessions)

01 Hell or Highwater
02 Hard Drivin' Woman
03 Child of Time

(Dogbone Sessions)

04 If You Think You're Nasty
05 Double Trouble
06 Dog Fight Alley
07 Too Far too Fast
08 Touch the Sun
09 If My Heart Could Sing
10 Gimme Some Lovin'
11 Do You Swallow
(Thrasher Project)

12 Bad Boys

(Clear Lake Sessions)

13 Hold on
14 In and Out
15 Love Song
16 Redbone Rock
17 Too Late


All songs mastered and restored by Patrick W. Engel
in September 2021. (www.engel-mastering.com)

This compilation titled “Sessions” brings together a number of different projects that Rhett was involved with across his all too brief but nevertheless impressive career.
For the most part these recordings have fallen into relative obscurity compared to the more well known Rhett Forerester releases, be it with the legendary Riot, Jack Starr's first solo record "Out Of The Darkness" or Rhett's own solo output.

We are hoping that by bringing these somewhat "random recordings" together in one cohesive package that we can draw more attention to the talent Rhett brought to every recording he was a part of... while in some cases not a huge amount of detail is known about every one of these sessions, we do feel it would be a shame for these songs not to get a second chance at becoming the fan favourites we are sure they have the potential to be.

First up, the “Dirty Water Sessions” which were first heard on the long out of print compilation album ‘Hell Or Highwater’, recorded in Texas with guitarist/co-writer Jonathan Grell …formerly of the band Winterkat, these songs represented the very last recordings Rhett made before his untimely death.
It is all the more tragic that on first listen Rhett sounded as good, if not better than ever... hard to believe that just a few months later he would sadly be killed at the age of 37...

Next up is the “Dogbone” project, a tentative band Rhett formed with then former Keel members Brian Jay and Dwain Miller, these recordings got a limited semi-official release in the mid 90s, but have largely been unheard until now.
From there we feature the sole track from the "Thrasher" project album featuring Rhett, masterminded by Andrew Duck McDonald and Carl Canedy this track also featured on the 'Hell Or Highwater" compilation.

Closing out this release are the demos for Dr Dirty, known as “The Clear Lake Sessions”, these recordings formed the basis of what became the full Dr Dirty recordings featured on the High Roller Records release “Rhett Forrester - The Canadian Years”... we felt it was important to include these formative recordings in this release... they were, like some of the other tracks featured here also available originally on the "Hell Or Highwater" release in the late 90's.

Our thanks to the Rhett Forrester estate, Carl Canedy, Rob Robbins and numerous others for making these recordings available again.

Giles Lavery.