DÉTENTE - Recognize No Authority  LP
DÉTENTE - Recognize No Authority  LP
DÉTENTE - Recognize No Authority  LP
DÉTENTE - Recognize No Authority  LP
DÉTENTE - Recognize No Authority  LP
DÉTENTE - Recognize No Authority LP

HRR 926LP, ltd 1000, 480 x black, 400 x red/ grey mixed w/ black splatter + 120 x red/ white splatter (band + HRR mailorder exclusive), 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, 2 inserts, poster, A5 photo card

Dawn Crosby - vocals
Caleb Quinn - guitar
Ross Robinson - guitar
Steve Hochheiser - bass
Dennis Butler - drums

01 Losers
02 Russian Roulette
03 It's Your Fate
04 Holy Wars
05 Catalepsy

06 Shattered Illusion
07 Life is Pain
08 Blood I Bleed
09 Widows Walk
10 Vultures in the Sky


Mastered by Patrick W. Engel at TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY in February 2023.
Cutting by SST Germany on Neumann machines for optimal quality on all levels ...
The ultimate audiophile reissue!

Détente were formed in Los Angeles in 1984 by ex-First Attack and Allies frontwoman Dawn Crosby along with drummer Dennis Butler and guitarist Fred Tutone. The thrash metal outfit recorded a 4-track demo tape at the end of 1985 consisting of the songs “Widow’s Walk”, “Holy War”, “Shattered Illusions” and “Vultures In The Sky”. Brian Slagel of Metal Blade got wind of the band and placed “Widow’s Walk” on the seventh volume of his compilation series »Metal Massacre«.

Détente played around Los Angeles until the group’s original bass player was fired along with Tutone. This line up shuffle heralding the arrival of the dual guitar team of Celeb Quinn and Ross Robinson plus new bassist Steve Hochheiser.

This incarnation of the band recorded the debut album »Recognize No Authority«, which was produced by Dana Strum (bassist of Vinnie Vincent Invasion). The album was far ahead of its time in combining speed metal with socially conscious lyrics. In his book »The Collector’s Guide To Heavy Metal: Volume 2 – The Eighties« renowned Canadian metal journalist Martin Popoff wrote: “Actually, the production kinda blows, and musically this sounds like more memorable Bay Area thrash put through a sausage grinder, ‘Catalepsy’ in particular sounding like a trailer for Mustaine’s first record.”

Dawn Crosby supposedly refused to accept an offer of 15,000 US Dollars for nude photos by OUI magazine. “I am not taking off my clothes, neither for money nor for fame,” is what she said in an interview with German magazine Crash back in 1986.

Following the album release Détente broke up in acrimonious circumstances. Guitarists Ross Robinson and Caleb Quinn quit together with bassist Hochheiser claiming the band name for themselves while Dawn Crosby carried on under the new name of Fear Of God (not to be confused with the Swiss band of the same name).

Fear Of God eventually signed to Warner Brothers and in 1991 released a full-length album entitled »Within The Veil«. »Toxic Voodoo« followed on Pavement in 1993.

Lori Dawn Crosby Little died on December 15th 1996 of liver failure from substance abuse at the age of only 33.