OBSESSION - Order of Chaos  LP
OBSESSION - Order of Chaos  LP
OBSESSION - Order of Chaos  LP
OBSESSION - Order of Chaos  LP
OBSESSION - Order of Chaos LP

HRR 933LP, ltd 500, 250 x black + 250 grey vinyl, 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, insert

Michael Vescera - vocals
John Bruno - guitars
Scott Boland - guitars
Chris McCarvill - bass
BJ Zampa - drums

01 Order of Chaos
02 Twist of the Knife
03 Forbidden Desire
04 When the Smoke Clears
05 Act of God
06 The Damned (bonus track)

07 License to Kill
08 Wages of Sin
09 Cold Day in Hell
10 Mercy Killing
11 Dark Shadows


Mastered for vinyl by Patrick W. Engel at TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY in December 2022.

American metal band Obsession formed in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1981, initially playing covers by the Tygers Of Pan Tang, Angel Witch, MSG, Accept as well as The Scorpions, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. It took the band two years to ink a deal with Metal Blade Records and come up with their debut 12” EP »Marshall Law«, which was very well-received in the US (selling way over 15,000 copies).
To promote the record, apart from playing extensively in the New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Massachusetts area, Obsession toured quite a bit on the East Coast of the US, before dedicating more time to the songwriting of their first full-length album.
In the aftermath of »Marshall Law« Obsession changed management and label. In the end it was Enigma Records who released the band’s first full-length album »Scarred For Life« after a long delay in July 1986.
A good year later »Methods Of Madness« followed, before Mike Vescera accepted the offer to become the new singer of Japanese metal band Loudness, putting Obsession on ice for a very long time.
The little known Metal Mayhem Music label (based in Connecticut) was responsible for the release of Obsession’s comeback record »Carnival Of Lies« in 2006.
Another six years passed until the follow-up to »Carnival Of Lies« came out (on Inner Wound Recordings). The album was titled »Order Of Chaos«. “I had moved to Nashville and was involved in different projects,” explains Mike Vescera the second long gap in the career of his band. “We didn't plan on it being six years, but with everyone's crazy schedule, it was impossible until this point.” He continues: “We recorded »Order Of Chaos« between Nashville and Connecticut. John Bruno, Scott Boland [both guitar players"> and myself got together to write songs. At this point Jay Mezias [drums"> had other obligations, so we brought in BJ Zampa (House Of Lords, Dokken etc). We recorded drums, bass and all guitars in Connecticut, vocals and mixing were done in Nashville. I really like ’Pure Evil’ and ‘Order Of Chaos’ off the album, these are also in our live set usually. Our fan base in 2012 was surprisingly still quite large. We’ve always had a big following here in the States, Japan and a large underground thing in Europe and South/Central America. We did some touring around this time but I started up with Animal USA at this point, so Obsession was put on hold for a few years.”
However, according to Mike Vescera »Order Of Chaos« did not mark the end of Obsession: “It just got put on hold for a bit. I've recently reunited with Jay Mezias and Matt Karagus (original drummer and bass player), we're doing some reunion shows now and talking about another album. Now that we've reformed, we're receiving a bunch of offers for shows/tours, so hopefully this will happen in the near future.”