HRR 179 CD, 12 page booklet, 2nd pressing: slipcase & poster

Dr. Ape - vocals
Dr. Dawn - drums
Dr. Rad - bass
Dr. Toxic - guitar

- World War Nine
- Slime from above
- Revenge on John
- Streets of Doc Town
- Kindergarten Cop
- Kill me!
- Dead End Life
- My Brain is for Sale
- Dr. Living Dead
- Hard Target
- Feeding the Cyco
- You're not the Law
- Chucky
- Gremlins Night
- UFO Attack
- Reptiles Beneath

1st pressing: SOLD OUT!
2nd pressing: AVAILABLE

Dr. Living Dead is the new Thrash/Crossover sensation from Sweden. Honestly - they could be really huuuuuge! They have already done a whole tour of Brazil and supported Slayer. The band does know fully well what potential they have and they are not suffering from a lack of self-confidence : "We don't really care about what people expect from us. We are too busy with reaching up to our own expectations." Expectations will be high after their self-titled debut album for High Roller has hit the shelves. At least for me, Dr. Living Dead are the legitimate sons of bona fide Metal/Crossover pioneers such as the once mighty Suicidal Tendencies, D.R.I. and S.O.D. Dr. Living Dead let the music do the talking: "People should listen and judge for themselves but those are good bands."
With the character of Dr. Living Dead the Swedes have created a figure (or mascot) not unlike Eddie of Iron Maiden. Or maybe the Doctor is a bit closer to Seargent D. than Eddie. This is how it all came about: "In the beginning there was this rough illustration of the Doctor and then we started making songs that fit that small image and then he ended up on the cover and everything.
The band name just came about naturally after that. Some people dig it, some don't. It was just nice to have some sort of concept that we could expand on, the idea was always to do something a bit special, not just be another band.
Make no mistake though, we are 100% serious about what we are doing in the sense that we want to come up with high quality stuff and do the best we can when it comes to music and performing live. It's definitely not a joke when it comes to that but on the other hand we can also enjoy a laugh but that's how we are in life as well. We don't have any agenda of being a funny band, we just do what we like."
Dr. Living Dead have been in existence for a couple of years: "The first demo was actually out before the band was together, like a small project. Then we got a band going and rehearsed and did a show and then released the second demo shortly after that. Then we replaced our drummer and did some gigs in 2008. Then in 2009 we replaced our drummer again and did a Brazilian tour. Then we replaced our drummer again and finished the songs for the album which we recorded in 2010. Since then we've been doing a few gigs while waiting for the album to be finished and released. Briefly, that's about it."
Right, now it is up to you to buy the album with Thrash anthems like "Kindergarten Cop", "UFO Attack" and "World Ware Nine" to take Dr. Living Dead to the next level. Who knows, maybe one day they will become as big as Slipknot? In contrast to them, however, wearing their masks is not a cheap publicity stunt for Dr. Living Dead. It rather is a way of life: "We wear them in our sleep, too."
Matthias Mader